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Sex and Relationship Coaching with Amy

I am trained in the Somatica® Method of Sex and Relationship coaching. I help people get unstuck in their sexuality by getting clear on what is holding them back from having the deeply fulfilling sex life that is their birthright. By moving through blockages and embracing what it is that we want and desire, we can move forward by finally stepping into our most vibrant, orgasmic, loving, confident, sacred erotic selves.

My teaching and coaching style is fun, informative, relatable and inclusive of all genders, preferences, and orientations. I approach sexuality as a continuum with endless possibilities for diversity in mind, body and spirit, and I take delight in speaking to all audiences. My work is my passion, and very rewarding at that. Hello dream job :)

Common questions that I get:

Q. Am I normal? 

A. Yes. And no, because who really is?


Q. How do I feel desire again? 

A. This takes a lot of time to unpack. By getting clear on where you are stuck and where you really want to go, we can then map out a plan to get you feeling desire again. You are not broken. You have all the tools in you. You probably just have some armor on that is holding you back from connecting to your body and/or your sensuality. This armor was most likely picked up from shame and/or trauma. One of my favorite things to do with clients is to unpack that armor. 


Q. Am I worthy (of love, pleasure, etc)?

A. This is one of those undercover questions that most people do not ask, and yet it is the underlying dilemma of the subconscious for so many. Again, after working through blockages such as limiting beliefs from social conditioning and upbringing, as well as deeper issues of shame and trauma, any dedicated being may move forward into a profound sense of deep love and self-worth. 


More About Me:

I am a sex toy marketing consultant, a Sex and Relationship Coach, as well as a Certified Sex Educator through SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) with training from Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra Professional's program. I am also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher (200hr YTT), and have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University. 


Email me at amy@steme360.com to book a free 20 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.